Monday, 10 August 2009

Doctor Fish (passing time in Korea)

This weekend one of my girlfriends Canadian friends was in town with some of his family to visit Daegu and we showed them around a few places in the short time we spent together. Daegu not being a visitors paradise, left me thinking what we could do apart from visit a park, go shopping and go for a meal. After a while I thought of something fun that they probably may not be able to do back home. Dr. Fish - a popular one time experience for many foreigners that to come to work in Daegu. Something that you can find in other parts of Korea and other countries around the world too.

Put simply you put your feet in a small tank for fifteen minutes and fish bite your feet. Sounds disgusting but the fish aren't very big and the sensation, though uncomfortable at times, is comparable to tickling. The fish are supposed to bite off the dead skin on your feet leaving healthy new skin to grow. I don't know how hygienic this actually is or what good it really does for people who have no skin ailments. Bizarrely the setting for this is in a coffee shop but no-one bats an eyelid or thinks it is strange. We'd tried it before but only managed to last five minutes or so with our feet in the tank but lasted the full fifteen this time. Anyway, they seemed to enjoy it and I have to say my feet felt better afterwards.

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