Monday, 13 April 2009

The appeal of Nicholas Cage

Korea loves Nicholas Cage. Maybe not the most popular foreign actor here but possibly the most watched one on Korean cable TV for his movies seem to be on all the time. They even have Nicholas Cage movie seasons. Sometimes I think the script for Con Air to be the audio/visual equivalent of the bible for Koreans, so often can you see it here. Koreans love action and nobody does over action like Nicholas Cage right now. Nicholas Cage was born to over act. Korea loves Nicholas Cage for reasons like this.

A recent film review by the BBC's excellent Mark Kermode revealed that the press notes for his recent film Knowing claim him to be one of the most versatile actors of all time. Clearly he has shown his acting skills in some films but that's a bit over the top. I don't remember paying to see one of his films at the cinema but I may be wrong - but somebody is.

Nevertheless he has an appeal and as mentioned before, bad can be good. How can you not enjoy the ridiculousness of Face Off! My favourite example of his versatility in the most recent Nicholas Cage movies is his hair. Obviously thinning to the point of no return he bafflingly appears to be defying mother natures attempts. I wonder how much he pays for a haircut.

The entertaining film review can be found here. I expect the film to be on Korean TV within eighteen months.

Nicholas Cage has appeared in over 50 films and as long as Koreans have cable TV, he will always be with them. Here is my favourite piece of over the top Nicholas cage action from Ghostrider - 45 seconds in, just enjoy.

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