Friday, 3 April 2009

My Vietnam

The battle is over. We lost. The fight to correct pronunciation is in tatters. Finishee.

Now onto the war. And Kickerly. Oops, I mean quickly. If the first casualty of war is innocence then somewhere down the line sanity ends up in the hospital. I am not only losing my temper but my faith in humanity right now. The persistence of some these kids in refusing to accept my pronunciation or to simply not be able to say some words is driving me crazy. I swear some are doing it just to drive up my blood pressure. Incandescent with rage, I persist with the struggle knowing that one of us has to lose.

Despite Korean students apparent love and flair for mathematics, they are failing to add this one together. Q+U produces a /KW/ sound, however they are coming up with /KI/ or /KEH. As an example, many of my students cannot say "Question" they say "Kestion".

Kestion? Kick, kickERly. KIEAT!! I KIT!

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