Monday, 20 April 2009

Jason Statham accent latest (2005)

Recently I've seen posters for a new Jason Statham film that's come out in Korea, Chaos. I checked out some reviews online but found out the film was made sometime in 2005 but was a straight to DVD release in most countries. It looks like Statham's star is rising in Asia so the film company may have tried to cash in on this with a belated cinematic release. It is hard to think of him as an actual film star (if that's what he is) due to his transparent lack of acting ability. Still his films are not bad, especially the tongue-in-cheek ones which are still on in heavy rotation on cable TV here. I managed to get hold of a copy of the film this weekend and watched it with the girlfriend. The film was OK but I am glad we didn't part with our money at the cinema. He managed to keep up his appalling attempts at an American accent. As mentioned before I do enjoy watching bad films/performances but this wasn't so terrible, if you take out the accent. I'm still waiting for a release date for Crank 2 in Korea and hoping it won't be too long away.

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