Thursday, 9 April 2009

The other side of town

In dire need of something to do in the mornings before going to work, this week I bought a bike. I've been thinking about getting one for over a year now but I was inspired by a co-worker who looked like he was having so much fun with his. I'm pretty pleased with what I've got. It's second hand but in good condition and I managed to get it cheaper than it would have cost me one week ago and I got the shopkeeper to throw in a free lock too.

The weather has been great and I never expected to have so much fun, exploring, enjoying the sunshine and listening to my MP3 player. Long may that continue. I never noticed how many people here had a bicycle, but so many have, both young and old. I think in general many Koreans like to be healthy and active, more so than back home. Thanks to the bike I've now seen parts of the city I had never been to before so I would definitely encourage anyone here in Korea to take advantage of their free time and get on their bike. You may see another side of this country and get in shape too.

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