Thursday, 9 April 2009

If you ever wanted to know what a Korean bar looks like

A new bar opened recently just around the corner from where I live. Last night I went there to check it out. Here's a slice of bar life, Korean style. Normally I can't stand Korean beer. In fact it's the worst beer I've had in the world. I don't particularly like drinking it as it is mainly tasteless, gassy, too light and gives me a bad stomachache the next day. However, sometimes I will have a few pints and just go with the flow, like last night and a good time can be had.

Most Korean bars seem to be dark inside but conversely brightly lit with neon, making the experience feel very different from most bars back home. At first it can be a little off putting and doesn't quite seem right, but after a while it kind of grows on you. However, light is not proportionate to quality.

At these type of bars, foreign beers such as Heineken or San Miguel, Becks etc etc are nearly triple the price of the supermarket and double the prices of the 24-hour convenience stores so it doesn't make much sense to drink them instead of the local draft which is about 2,500₩. Along with the beer you always get some kind of snack, varying from bar to bar but usually some moreish polystyrene-esque 'thing', or fruit and sometimes even fish. Here they also gave us some baked sweetcorn and cheese. On tables in these bars (and restaurants) is a button which when pressed gets you the attention of the severs.

Korean bars never open early but often close late. Music is mandatory in these establishments. but not the kind you may be used to. It's pure pop, pure Korean pop. The kind of music that doesn't sit well with a beer. If your conversation is good then it's easily blocked out. Make up your own mind wether or not these places are tacky but there are worse places to spend some free time at night especially if the companies right. By the way, the new bar is called Stay-Holic, which is ever so Korean.

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