Sunday, 12 April 2009

Surprise Sunday

I spent Easter Sunday in the company of people (barring girlfriend) that I hadn't met or had barely met before. I spent it at an Army base here in Daegu, Korea. We were invited a few weeks ago and to be brutally honest I didn't want to go. Not one little bit. I imagined it to be some kind of barbecue outside with lots of soldiers with extremely short hair drinking Budweiser and talking about America's influence on the world. How wrong was I.

The day was all about breaking down stereotypes and my preconceptions. The dinner was amazing and was spent in the company of a family where the mother worked for the army. I could not have wished to have spent time with nicer people. A truly interesting day with people of intelligence and whose children were unbelievably polite and respectful - I had forgotten what non-Korean children were like. I intended to stay for two hours but we ended up going home much much later. The day also helped me think a little more about what I want for my future and reinforced a few of my beliefs. Happy Easter.

1 comment:

ginger said...

see, we're not all ignorant reinforcements of stereotypes!

but one of us DID invent the telephone...


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