Tuesday, 12 May 2009

#19 Dream

As we speak the English Premier League season is drawing to a close, just two games left for Liverpool, three for Utd. After what has been in some respects a good season for LFC, the title is almost certainly staying at Old Trafford. The long wait for number 19 continues. Progress has undeniably been made but have we blown our best chance in years? Will we have to wait much longer?

In Korea I am lucky enough to be able to watch many of the big games live on cable TV. I've seen enough of the so called 'Big 4' to know that Utd perhaps deserve to win this years title, but only just. The title was certainly there for the taking. Utd went to Japan for the World Club Cup perhaps expecting to be a few points behind the leaders but came back without any pressure being put on them.

Many people are citing Liverpool's home draws as the reason for costing us this year and there is a degree of truth in that. People will also look at the signing of Robbie Keane, then selling him without bringing in a replacement and there is no doubt our squad is light upfront. But a turning point this season for me was away to Spurs in November. We wiped the floor with then hitting the woodwork three times if my memory serves me rightly, yet still unfathomably, Spurs managed a last minute winner in a 2-1 defeat. This was the first game we had lost in the league and some momentum was lost. If we had won or perhaps even drawn that one then maybe those pesky home draws may not be costing us so much now. That's my theory for what it's worth. Next year may be different. It may be more difficult but like all Liverpool fans I'll keep on dreaming.

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