Monday, 11 May 2009

Paris in summer

Another couple of days pass by and more daydreaming. More planning ahead, looking to the future. It's one way that I can stay sane here especially in Summer aka Crazy season. From week to week my future plans change. The core idea stays resolutely the same, but the plans of the weeks around my proposed exit fluctuate wildly. My exit strategy is being mapped out and it's a case of waiting, saving, staying positive and trying to enjoy the time I have left here - seems like an eternity but also goes by so quickly. It seems like I am always planning and never doing. My latest idea is to go home for a week in July 2010 with my girlfriend. This via a few days in the sunshine of Paris. Wishful thinking? The future at times seems so far away but by daydreaming and planning I can cross off the days until I leave Korea.

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