Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A different point of view

A couple of weekends ago whilst pouring over the Sunday papers on-line I read an interesting interview that brought up a viewpoint that I had never thought of before. I forget who the interviewee was but the person in the article was someone who had suffered from depression at one time in their life. During the piece the woman in the story said something like "It got to the stage where I would think, 'Why wash my clothes? They are only going to get dirty and I will have to clean them again.'" That's a line of thought that I have never had and a perspective that I thought was the most interesting that I had heard of for a long time. Life must be tough if you get to that point, eh. Here in Korea, ESL teachers have so much free time on their hands that it for some people it must cause problems. If you don't have something to occupy your time then you can become depressed or have just waste your time to a ridiculous degree. Right now my life is a little monotonous. The same thing pretty much throughout the week. A routine that stays roughly the same making me feel older than my years. Isn't life like this for most people though?

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