Friday, 22 May 2009

A day in the life (in Korea)

Today was another glorious day here in Daegu, Korea with no clouds in the sky so I tried to chronicle my walk to work with some photographs. I ended up taking more than I expected to. Unlike most people, I live less than ten minutes away from the workplace, which has it's obvious advantages especially no travel costs. With travel time for short there are only a limited amount of things that I come into contact with. Despite seeing these things almost every day for the past nineteen months sometimes there are a few surprises on my way. Things I didn't really look at before. Unlike my last area, I pass no bars.

This is the street I live. I can't tell you it's name as there is no sign post. Oh to be a postman in Korea.

My street viewed in the opposite direction.

In my area and I guess many residential places like this cables fill the skyline. Disturbing for someone from the UK, but I've seen similar in Canada.

Littered around every street in my town are academies where you can learn many things. This one is for piano students. Co-workers of mine live above here. Do they love piano too?

Onto the small park just seconds away from my house. A place to rest and hide from the sun if you choose to.

You can find several of these in Chilgok, the area I live in. Free exercise machines, mostly loved by middle aged women. I have never seen these particular ones used though.

More park shots. Kids often play baseball or basketball ball here on weekends or evenings. Night time in particular is very popular.

In the middle of the park is a slide and other activities for children. My area is pretty child centric which is admirable when you conside how many kids live close by.

Another shot of the slide and swings. In the background are flats, a church and a restaurant that serves pigs intestines. I'm never going in there!

A rare sight. A gardener! Tending the grass of the park. When I say grass I mean straw with some green patches scattered around.

First noticed this today. I can't believe I have never seen it before. Presumably rubbish.

The fountain that I pass by. Only alive come Summer time. Kids also love just seeing this in action.

Some kind of sculpture. I cannot give more information. I kind of like it but don't know why.

Street sellers with fruit on offer. These guys only seem to be here on Fridays. I'm yet to buy from them. Fruit here can be found on so many street corners.

I first noticed these 'berries' if that's what they are, today. Perhaps I should take out more time to notice my surroundings in future.

Next to the ATM machine is this stone turtle. I presume there is a significance to Korean culture as I have seen several in other places, but I don't know what they mean. Yet.

Again, another new find. Though slightly off my normal path I took a further look around and found this kiddies slide.

Apartment buildings dominate the skylines of pretty much most cities in Korea. How different is my life to these people? Very. I do find these omnipotent structures a tad depressing.

More 'grass'. Well Korea's equivalent to grass. How can you live in a country with no grass? It's weird but you get used to it. Pretty much no-one has lawns here.

Another sculpture, this time with seating. Again I like this but can't explain why.

A corner shop with a delivery. This time the truck has brought only alcohol. Koreans love alcohol but their beer is appalling. If you get the chance, try some Korean soju. It's vaguely similar to vodka but not as strong.

Nearly at work now. Just minutes away. Though I do only live minutes away.

A corner shop with good outside. It's common to see some of their items actually outside the shop. This could never happen in the UK.

Academies dominate this street, which also has restaurants and convenience stores. It's absurd how many shops and buildings selling education that fill the skies here.

Not just ordinary buildings here, but restaurants (there must be millions of those in Korea), phone shops and PC rooms. Those along with academies are ubiquitous here.

A fish restaurant. The fish tanks are hidden because it's not opening time yet but when open you can see whatever fish they have close up.

A church. Koreans also love churches. This time two side by side. I'd like to know the ratio of churches to people who go in them. I wonder how they fill them.

And here we are. My workplace on the right hand side of the picture and here the day begins in earnest. As they say, it's not the destination, it's the journey.

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Cordia said...

I like all your pictures, Gavin.
Ha! Do we like piano? We start enjoying more around 4pm when it's time to leave for work. :)

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