Tuesday, 19 May 2009

More signs of Korean Summer

Summer beckons us in Daegu, Korea. I will reserve my contempt for the coming season until later and try to enjoy the days that pass by. I don't know what the temperature is right now and it doesn't feel 'that hot' but it is slowly creeping up on us. Tell-tale signs that appear now and then are adding up. This week the air conditioner has been on in the office and also in the classrooms without any request from the teachers. Personally I feel that this is coming on slightly too early because when Summer hits, it hits hard and I doubt we will feel the true benefit of the cool air conditioner - I won't even have my fan on for a few weeks. I try to tough it out as long as possible because it's worked for me in the past. The air con won't go on till July at my apartment unless I am struggling. Another sign is this fountain that I pass by everyday to work which is only turned on during the Summer. I will jump in this at some point. It is inevitable.

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