Monday, 4 May 2009

Korean Herb Medicine Festival

Today we took advantage of the good weather and travelled on the bus downtown for the annual Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Festival. I've been before, this time last year but this was the first time with my girlfriend. I am a little sceptical but open to the benefits of Oriental medicine. I figure if it didn't work then the millions of people across Asia that use and believe in it would stop but clearly it is a thriving business and tradition in this part of the world. If there's one thing Koreans and in particular older Koreans like to do it's to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible. A quality to admire.

As you can see from the pictures there was plenty of colour on view and plenty of things that I didn't understand. We went fairly early on in the day so most of the activities and displays took place later. Maybe we missed something exciting but the hour we spent there was enough for the both of us. There was some literature in English and some English speakers on displays but not speaking Korean was a barrier that prevented me learning more than I could have back home. I ended up buying some aromatic 'herbs' (not sure that's the right word) which smell very strong and are supposed to help improve breathing, relaxation and ultimately help you sleep better. They were cheap, look nice and I like the smell so we'll see how well they work

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