Friday, 1 May 2009

Hello Goodbye

The start of a new month and April is no more than a distant memory. Before writing this I was thinking that this would be another inconsequential few weeks, ever so slowly coming closer to the end of my time here, but thinking about it I doubt that will be the case. In just over three weeks I will have my next hapkido test - one step closer to my 2nd Dan (something that is really, really motivating me at present). Next weekend I also go to the doctors with my fingers crossed over my feet. I fear that I will need more injections though. There are some other things on the horizon but I must admit that I'm looking to save as much cash as possible. I'm already looking at the next pay day, just four weeks away so there may not be any trips coming up. May also means Summer is just around the corner. Four months of meteorological suffering to look forward to. I'm going to try and take more photographs than I have of late. Let's see how this month goes.

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