Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Fingers crossed

Today is a pretty important day for me at work. Every six months or so, all foreign teachers at the company I work for are observed by one of our foreign managers. Later on we get feedback on how well we did or what mistakes we need to try and cut out. The feedback and some other things go into consideration when deciding to offer a new contract or not. I am not worried about my observation but like to well so I feel a little stress and I'm confident enough in the job I have done and am doing.

However, IF things go badly and I don't get a new contract I don't know what I will do. The chances of that happening I feel are slim. So far observations have gone very well from both my foreign and Korean managers. Also, though I don't know the percentages, overwhelmingly the company likes to keep its teachers. Unless there have been serious problems with staff they like to re-sign teachers as hiring new employees is always risky. I expect to get a new contract but it feels wrong to presume I will get one. If I don't get the new contract some of my plans are in jeopardy and the immediate future would be most uncertain. Fingers crossed.

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Hitomi.I said...

so, how did it go eventually?

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