Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Busted in the classroom

Yesterday I caught two kids cheating as they took their test. I knew they were cheating so I nipped it in the bud silently without making a big deal. They have a test with three sections and for the first part they had to memorise over twenty words (maybe fifty, I am not sure). Inside their pencil cases they had written the words in English and Korean. I simply took these and placed them on my desk and checked them after collecting the papers.

It was obvious they had cheated but bearing in mind I caught them early AND that right now they are in the process of revising for some high pressure exams I let the matter slide but let them know I am watching them and don't expect it to happen again. One of them had tears in his eyes. He knew what would happen if the matter went any further - four weeks of retests etc, etc. I tried to deal with the matter as best I could but from now on I will have to be more vigilant.

Also busted is the person in 'editing' who wrote up a section for the listening homework and test. The paragraph is about some films and actors and what kind of films they are starring in. Instead of actually writing the names Jonny Depp and Colin Firth we have John Depen and Colin filth. Yeah, Colin Filth. That's great editing and they clearly deserve their desk job for having such imagination. What purpose does it serve to change their names? No one in Korea knows Colin Firth anyway.

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