Saturday, 3 April 2010

Keeping an eye out in the classrom

Two things I chanced upon in the classroom this week. Firstly yet another way of incorrectly spelling my name. I don't now how they do it, I really don't. You teach someone week after week and yet they can't get your name right. Now one boy thinks my name is Garbine. When I say a students name wrongly (which I do repeatedly, deliberately) they go ballistic. I just remain gob-smacked at their failings. It will happen again.

Secondly I noticed one boys notebook. It didn't have any ridiculously inappropriate use of English or the saccharin 'cute' images that are abundant here. Instead there was a picture of a Caucasian family being burgled, trying to stop the robber from escaping. A weird image for a child's notebook I thought. If you click the picture you can see a drawing pin is in the burglars eye. I doubt we get similar designs back home. Why do they never have pictures of Koreans on stationary paraphernalia here?

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