Thursday, 15 April 2010

Red fail

During practice yesterday my taekwondo master conjured up an exercise designed to strengthen one of our kicks - a side kick - which we really need to improve. The exercise went well and by the end of class we both felt a difference and hoped that we would be doing this every week. The practice involved repetition of a kick but with blocks placed in front of us that we had to clear. Later on the blocks were placed nearer to our body and again we had to clear these. I found it difficult but also felt it was worthwhile and that I was getting better.

As a form of motivation the master told me if I could successfully repeat the action ten times with both legs, clearing the blocks every time and with a red belt balanced on the outside of my foot, then he would give me my red belt early. Of course I failed but practicing for it I could do the move a few times with my right leg but not my left. I'm hoping he will give me another chance next week because this red belt looks so much better than brown. It was very tantalising being given the chance to get it this early but again it showed me that I have a long way to go.

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