Friday, 2 April 2010

New day, new test, new belt

Despite reservations from my group, today we took our latest taekwondo test. I think we all felt a little under prepared and perhaps this came a little too early. I felt confident this morning but during the test things just didn't go too well. Ultimately we all passed and received our brown belts but together we made a few too many mistakes according to our master. We were given a chance to try one of the movements again but would not be given such a chance if it was for the black belt. I'm quite disappointed in myself and feel like I didn't really deserve todays pass but won't be dwelling on it.

Perhaps we are going too fast. It would seem that our next test is in another three weeks, for the red belt. I can't wait for this for one simple reason, so far all my belts have been too small and I look a little stupid. I've been promised a longer belt when I pass the next test. At the end of the month we get a chance to watch some black belt tests. I this will prove invaluable for me getting used to the 'occasion' and surroundings. I'm pretty excited for this month in general and really looking forward to watching the people taking their test. It would appear that we are on course to take our black belt tests at the end of June. Fast progress indeed but will we be ready?


Mike said...

Congratulations on your new belt. I've just discovered your blog and have been reading your Taekwondo entries with interest since I keep thinking about doing it myself. Your progress is very inspiring - although I'm sure mine would be painfully slower!

Talking to myself said...

Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time out to comment. I've been reading your blog on and off for a year or so and enjoy your updates

While its true that I've been progressing belt-wise in taekwondo I don't know if that is an indicator of how well I'm doing. I feel like I am not doing well.

I have found taekwondo to be a lot of fun. I would recommend giving it a go if you have the chance. At first it may feel a little awkward but after a while you do see yourself getting better.

I studied hapkido here for over 2 years and am a 2nd dan at it. If I had to choose which I prefer I would say hapkido. I think it's harder and more of a challenge on the body. I think taekwondo is a little easier, though both are fun.

If you put in the time and effort and enjoy the training I don't think you'd regret trying taekwondo.

If you have any questions on taekwondo (I'm no expert!) I'd be willing to try and answer them


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