Tuesday, 27 April 2010


All of my Middle school students are in the process of studying for or taking exams. This is both good and bad for me. Bad because classes are disrupted, disjointed and lacking most of the kids so sometimes there are one, two or three there because most don't have to actually go (punishment exemption). Small numbers are often harder to teach because all the energy comes from you and not the students. Those that come often don't have the material of haven't prepared which makes the class pointless and usually drifts off to a juncture where things end up being a waste of time for all concerned.

Then there is the good part. Sometimes we do get breaks if no one turns up. I've had three during these tests but I think that's that now. Others have more, some have less and one co-worker has had none at all. Tough luck for him. Even though my last class was a no show I still had to stay at work. I've been trying to give myself an easier time and prepare some of next weeks stuff but there is only so much you can stomach when you could just relax. 'Teaching' to some is very boring but from my experience counting down the clock when you're on these breaks can be equally tedious.

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