Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter temptation

11:05am here in Daegu, South Korea. Brilliant weather again. I don't even need to open my windows to know that today will be a fantastic days weather. Sunshine pours into my apartment reminding me of my old place that could only ever illuminated by a light switch.

The weather forecast says today may reach 19°C, the highest temperature of the year so far. Barely a cloud in the sky. I check the forecast for my home town back in England and the forecast is possible rain for five days. Again.

Thoughts for another day. I digress.

Today is Easter Monday, but there is no four day weekend here in Korea. I'm not religious but being a child born on Good Friday a long time ago I take an interest in the time period. I do miss the time off work that I would be having back home but I get that back at Lunar Year and Chuseok. Am I really missing much? Repeats of Ben Hur and other other Biblical films starring Charlton Heston. And fat kids eating chocolate.

Yesterday we went for a wedding anniversary celebration dinner. We went to the same hotel buffet that we went to over Christmas. The meal was overpriced - hence the legion of empty seats - but enjoyable. I basically ate meat, meat and more meat and desert. Lamb, duck, rabbit, chicken, pork and beef were available as well as lobster and the usual seafood. I think the roast beef was the best I've ever had. Happy Easter.

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