Sunday, 18 April 2010

Volcano on my mind

This week I have to make a few decisions, not life altering ones but some that need a bit of thinking about. The most pressing one is about a plane ticket. I am hoping to go home to the UK for a week at the beginning of May. I have reserved a plane ticket (via Finland) but it's a bit pricey. The times for departing and arriving are great and represent a best case scenario. The alternative right now is a cheaper flight (via Dubai) but with worse times and a much longer in the air and in the departure lounges. The Dubai flight is on Emirates airlines which is the best airline I've travelled on but the actual flights just takes so much longer than flying over Europe. However right now I have a small temporary cash flow problem and saving money on the flight would help me out in the short term.

Another concern for me is the volcano in Iceland which has left thousands upon thousands stranded at airports and is causing a pretty chaotic situation with the UK a no fly zone as I write this. I am hoping something positive happens with that this week as I have to pay for my plane ticket by Saturday. I need a break and if the current situation does not change then it'll have to be postponed indefinitely. There are things I need to do back home and things I really want to bring back to Korea. I don't know when I'd be back home next because I have to book vacations about three or four months in advance in order to successfully get them. Everything that I am reading is saying that their is no end in sight and the volcanic ash is still spreading but that means the 'next few days'. Surely the volcano will start abating some time soon but when?

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