Sunday, 13 December 2009

10 to go

A look at my calender and I realise I'm already two months into my new contract. That means there are just ten (scheduled) months left before packing up and leaving Korea perhaps forever. I say ten because there is a chance that I would try to extend for one more month depending on circumstances next year. We shall see. Signing for another year or even six more months would be the biggest mistake I could make. I'm not even entertaining such thoughts even though going through my mind constantly are thoughts like "Do I have enough money to last back home", "How difficult will life be back home without a job for while" amongst others.

We're over a third of the way into the month and I know it's December, I'm not blind, but apart from buying and talking about Christmas presents it doesn't feel like it. Is December supposed to feel differently? I have lost touch in things like this, living away for so long. This will be my fifth consecutive Christmas away from home and my family. At least I have my wife with me. We've/I've made the decision that I don't want to cook on Christmas Day so we'll be going to a hotel to have a three hour buffet. One hope is that the food is better than the restaurant we went to last year. It should be, judging by the price of our tickets. Despite a temporary mini-malaise there are plenty of things to look forward to over the next few months starting with tomorrow.

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