Thursday, 31 December 2009

End of year post. 2009 highlights

Like most people, the past decade has been full of surprises. I could never have predicted what has happened to me. Overall it's been a very good time with more ups and downs. Living in Korea for four years has been a true experience. I have also been lucky enough to have travelled to many wonderful countries too. I also managed to get my degree at the start of the decade which is one of the best moments of my life.

This last year in particular has been a very significant for one thing specifically. Before writing this post I felt that apart from one huge that, perhaps not too much had been going on in my life but on reflection that's not been the case. It has been a very good year. Here are some of the great things about my 2009.
  1. I got married. I love my wife and feel I am an extremely lucky man.
  2. Got my 2nd Dan hapkido black belt. I feel very proud of this achievement especially as most of my training has been spent on my own. I worked hard and made many sacrifices but it's all been worth it.
  3. Travelled to Hong Kong and Macau. Had a good time there and would love to go back and see what we didn't have time to get around to.
  4. Managed to go back home to England and see my family. Hadn't seen them for some eighteen months and felt much better afterwards.
  5. Started taekwondo. I hope this will last because I have had a great time so far. There's a real family atmosphere and it's going well right now. Getting a third martial arts black belt would be fantastic.
  6. I've managed to save a decent amount of money. Never a bad thing to be able to put the pennies away. I am lucky to have a job that leads to my outgoings being so low.
  7. Continued to stay debt free. For over a year now there has been no debt above my name. It's a great relief and release that so many people don't have the luxury of enjoying.
  8. I've been happy for most of the year. I also haven't been homesick very often. Most of the credit for that belongs to my wife.
  9. Bought a DSLR camera and seen the benefit of much better photographs. I really enjoy this technology and love my camera.
  10. Signed a new contract at work which gives security for both myself and my wife. In a time of Worldwide problems it's good to be in employment and allows me the chance to save a bit more for my future.
  11. Worked with and met some good people. People come and go but memories remain.
  12. Against expectations, most work days have been full of fun, laughter and good times. I enjoy my job and wish more people felt the same way about theirs.
  13. Went to the DMZ. A day I will hopefully never forget.
  14. Moved into a significantly better and larger apart and live here happily with my life. It's nice to have more than one room and some actual natural light for the first time in a long time.
  15. Downloaded, watched and listened to some great films and music that I wouldn't have been able to in the UK. God bless Korea's Internet.
  16. I remain healthy and optimistic for my future.
  17. Enjoyed the thrill of Liverpool's challenge for title. Despite coming second, at times it was very close.
  18. Closer to leaving Korea, closer to travelling and coming 'home'.
I wish anyone reading this a very Happy New Year.

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