Thursday, 24 December 2009

End of my temporary liberation

It's Thursday and I haven't watched TV for four days. A record for my time in Korea. It's not because I like Korean TV, its just that I like hearing the English language while I'm at home, particularly as I am trying to sleep. The reason for no TV is because of a change of apartments - my new place having a TV but not having cable (or a remote control). That's about to change. Today the Internet 'guy' is coming round to sort out my new Internet account and presumably to hook me up to a basic cable TV package. This week we have been preoccupied with the moving process and have spent a lot of time listening to music and talking about things while we eat so there has been no need to watch things, but come the weekend...

I can't say I have missed the telly too much. There has been a slight sense of liberation. For the most part Korean TV channels are full of repeats, some from around 2006. Korean programs range from OK to Oh My God This Is Diabolically Bad. This is why I mainly watch the English language programs or the film channels. I do miss being able to watch the news. Though I have had to settle for CNN I have become attached to being able to watch it, regardless of the quality of some of their segments or programs. Also I miss the sports channels. I really need to have live access to football games from the Premier League. Without that, I really would go crazy.


The Internet guy came, but the cable TV guy is somebody else and they aren't coming today. Guess I'll have to go through Christmas without this time.

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Esonlinji said...

The only channel worth watching in Korea was the Starcraft channel.

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