Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas Day: Eating till I burst

Last years Christmas Day meal was a real let down so this year we were hoping for a relaxing time spent eating some good quality food while enjoying our own company. We certainly got that. Our choices were eating with co-workers, cooking for ourselves or going to a buffet in downtown Daegu. We opted for the latter at the Novotel hotel where we had three hours to eat as little or as much as we wanted. The price was 40,000won each (£20) so if the meal was poor then we'd feel a bit cheated but thankfully the meal was really good. I ate a lot that's for sure. I can't wait for next year and my Mother's home cooking because you can't beat home cooking.

Checking the wine menu

Wow. Pork, chicken, duck and salmon. All as good as it looks.

Our first Christmas together as a married couple. I'm so lucky.

More chicken as well as turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy.

My wife enjoying her seafood.

Don't want to waste any of the food!

Dessert. By this time I was feeling very full up. But must press on!

Grey skies on Christmas Day. Not a real snowflake in sight.

Two Father Christmas'?

She must have been a good girl this year.

We won a bottle of red wine in the after-meal raffle.

Up on one of the hotels balconies.

I was happier than I looked. Trust me!

Mrs Father Christmas apparently plays the electric violin.

No rest for the wicked. All the shops were open. Business as usual for these phone vendors.

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