Monday, 14 December 2009

Taekwondo: First test

I started Taekwondo just two weeks ago and already I've had my first test. It seems like my Master is tailoring the classes to meet our 'standards' and he's already satisfied with how we're doing. Even though I am a 2nd dan hapkido black belt I don't feel any awkwardness or frustration starting from scratch in Taekwondo. If anything it has taught me humility and to realise though I may know some moves in Hapkido, I don't know it all.

Afterwards he told us that it usually takes two months for kids to be able to take this test (the same as it takes me to test for hapkido) so our progress is well under way to getting the black belt. We are the first non-Koreans that he has taught so it's an experience for both of us. I couldn't be happier with how classes are going - fun and relaxed - and I think my co-worker feels the same way. As you can see from the pictures we all passed. Onwards and upwards.

Adios white belt

Diana and the Masters wife, who also started classes when we did

Me and the Masters wife and my favourite kid who practices there

Diana with the kids who want to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with me every time they see me

Group shot

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Anonymous said...

You're starting to look a little Dan Aykroyd. No bad thing...

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