Monday, 21 December 2009

Fitzcarraldo kind of day in Korea

After about four days of cleaning and packing, yesterday we moved most of our things into our new apartment. The place had yet to be cleaned (done today, and what a great job she did) so we didn't sleep there last night, instead choosing to stay at my old place. Today was the day of actually starting off at a new place. For some reason this morning I decided that it would be a good idea to change mattress'. The idea based on my old place getting a new one just a few weeks ago and my ex co-workers saying that their mattress was worse for wear.

I convinced my wife to help me lug the mattress' to and fro to their 'new houses'. This sounds easier than it actually is. I have a new found respect for removal men. When we got the 'new' mattress to our new place we found that it was too small to fit in the bed structure provided. I can't fully explain how annoyed this made my wife. After much persuasion she agreed to move them back their original homes. At one point she did refuse to help me though and I had to shift the big mattress up a whole bunch of stairs. If you have seen Fitzcarraldo or the famous scene with the boat then you can picture the struggle I had. Despite all this, the move has gone well though and I hope to have plenty of things to say about how things are going.

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