Saturday, 19 December 2009

Packing up

I've spent most of my free time recently trying to clean my room and tidy up ahead of this weekends move. How did I let my place get so messy I wonder. As I was taking all of my stuff off the walls I noticed how dirty and how damaged they were (the wallpaper is ripped in many places). I feel a touch sorry for the next teacher living here. They will have to spruce up this place greatly - I'm sure I'll get the blame even though it was like this when I moved in two years ago. Today we started packing. As you can see, my room is a mess. We're nowhere near finished and there's still the kitchen stuff to sort out. I expect to be slowly unpacking and moving stuff around for most of next week as we settle into our new place. Fun times ahead. Christmas can't come quickly enough.

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