Monday, 14 December 2009

Hapkido 2nd dan black belt at last

A day of contrast. Today was my first day wearing my 2nd dan hapkido black belt. Usually there is some kind of ceremony but because of swine flu scares this was abandoned and I simply picked mine up as I was leaving last Monday. No fuss and to be honest it didn't feel the same as when I picked up my 1st dan. It was something of a let down. After today's Taekwondo success I headed for Hapkido in two minds. One the one hand I was buoyed with how things have been going at Taekwondo. On the other, as I cycled to my dojang in the freezing cold at 11pm to practice alone, not for the first time I kept asking myself why I keep going.

Thankfully another great session made me again realise how much I enjoy even the hardest days. I feel the sacrifice is worth it and it is a sacrifice to go especially now when the nights are getting colder. I will probably quit some time around March-May next year so in that respect I won't be too hard. I have to say I really enjoy wearing my new belt. At times I can't believe that I've reached this level. For nearly two years I had longed to get my hands one and now I finally have it. Now there is no real way of progressing through the ranks, barring a few sub-levels I cannot reach 2rd dan level because it would take three more years. From now on it's learn, practice, improve and most importantly, enjoy.

My name on the new belt

The name of my Korean dojang where I train

Septembers 'best of the best' trophy and my new belt and certificate/folder thing

Inside the certificate/folder. I also have a card/license proving my dan level

Me with the 2nd dan belt (yellow stripe)


Anonymous said...

Aw, cuddly!

Patrick Brennan said...

Hey Gavin,

Nice write up. I am wondering how long did it take you to get your Second Dan after your First Dan.
I have my First Dan and i am training towards my 2nd Dan.

Talking to myself said...

Patrick, apologies for the late reply.

It took about a year to train for the 2nd Dan. I know that sounds too quick but I was having classes 4/5 times a week for that year (and before that). And for most of the time I was having classes all by myself. My Master was a 6th Dan and the assistant was a 4th Dan.

Classes were fantastic and a great balance between technique and fitness. I only wish I had taken up Hapkido earlier!

My Master didn't put me up for the test because it had been about a year, he put me up because I was ready.

Good luck with your training and I wish you success on getting your 2nd Dan!

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